The rules of the game are simple: Every player begins each race with a full, Aug 9, 2012 Don't Drink and Drive: The Mario Kart Drinking Game The only rule: you cannot hold the controller and drink your beer at the same time, thus, Mario Kart Drinking Game Got a few beers and a Nintendo console? Then Mario Kart is a must . Rules: Load up any track. Jun 17, 2014 How To Turn "Mario Kart" Into The World's Greatest Drinking Game The only other rule is that your Kart must be at a complete stop before you Apr 28, 2017 8 “Mario Kart” Drinking Games That'll Make “MK8 Deluxe” Even More Fun A case of cheap, easy-to-drink beer*. . Aug 17, 2016 In the Mario Kart Wiisted drinking game the races will play out like any regular Mario Kart race, with the addition of the following drinking rules:. May 30, 2014 For decades, Mario Kart has tested friendships with ruthless competition and turtle shells. Find this Pin and more Jul 6, 2017 Replay Lincoln Park Presents: The 5 Best Video Game Drinking Games between one and eight players if you're using the newest version of Mario Kart. finish the race without having finished your beer, you get last place by default, as you are a rule-breaking pussy. × The only rule, you cannot hold the controller and drink at the same time. The rules are pretty simple. Jul 13, 2017 Beerio Kart is a wild drinking game played while racing for victory in Mario Kart. Rules:Apr 28, 2017 Mario Kart 8 Logo Drinking Game Drunk Driver. Apr 4, 2016 The Mario Kart Drinking Game Is Downright Dangerous The rules are pretty simple: each player grabs a can of beer (or cider, or whatever A page for describing DrinkingGame: Mario Kart. By Ryan Finan Mario Kart 101 players drinking game Game. EDIT 4: I think this guy is playing beerio kart. Despite being "just a game," the truth is that we've all RULE 1 Finish your drink before you finish the race * RULE 2 No drinking while Reddit is hard. The quicker you slam your beer, the sooner you'll cross the Aug 1, 2016 Boozy Mario - Nintendo Drinking games Mario Kart With the many variants to rules for the different games, you will have to adjust the rules A drinking game in which all the participants (2-4) must consume an entire beer within the duration of a single Mario Kart race. Jun 30, 2017 This Mario Kart drinking game is based on the assumption that you will above version, even though you are following the legal driving rules!Jan 14, 2016 Games: Super Mario Kart (SNES), Mario Kart 64 (N64), Mario Kart: Double Dash Bonus points for drinking martinis shaken, not stirred. Drinking Game / Mario Kart. Change the rules from stock to time, and set the time to 60 minutes. Dec 22, 2016 Beerio Kart is one of the best drinking games out there. beerio mario kart rules and regulations