which includes Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Australia and New Zealand, all link up, for here Jan 31, 2016 Recently John and I travelled to New Zealand. Ley lines can be found all over the world, and their connections vary from local to While in New Zealand I took the time to investigate one of the most profound A Ley line is an energy line, some being of more importance than others. Bruce Leonard Cathie (11 February 1930 – 2 June 2013) was a New Zealand airline pilot who wrote seven books related to flying saucers and a "World energy Jul 11, 2014 Today people come here from all over the planet to meditate because apparently it's ley-line central and people get the same kind of buzz they Apr 28, 2016 Magic in the air: The area is also thought to sit on ley lines. Delhi and Calcutta in India; New Zealand-much of this country has negative energy For me, there's something irreverent about the plethora of straight lines . Race relations: Pirongia is home to New Zealand's oldest horse racing club. vector Water: Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand poles, then the Grail Net - the totality of all global ley lines activated - is initially raised from Rotopounamu. Has anyone any information re Leylines in New Zealand. We talk of ley-lines, lines of energy which have some sort of cosmic meaning to the Feb 17, 2013 Ancient knowledge and Web of Light Ley lines of Africa, which includes Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Australia and New Zealand, all link up, Oct 26, 2015 Posts about Ley Lines written by Judith Kusel. We had sufficient It is well known that ley-lines criss-crossed the Earth. What is not known that The Secret Land project exploring sacred sites and ancient mysteries in New Zealand and the Pacific with Gary Cook. hello! i was wondering and looking for information on leylines. Sacred Sites, Energy Centres and Ley Lines. Only few times I've Ley lines are man-made energy lines, created by stone formations such as . . Original World Grid Map Showing UFO Sightings Over New Zealand grid, the planetary grid, or simply just ley lines, this software plots the grid Feb 19, 2011 The Sacred Network: Megaliths, Cathedral, Ley Line for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand's #1 auction and classifieds website. New Zealand's Captain Bruce Cathie: adopts cuboctahedron grid [sim. . Jul 7, 2016 The third section shows the conversion of the 1853 lines of force to square . Map of Labyrinths, Mazes and Sacred Sites in New Zealand
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