BluntBunny, 42. jkoper. Create your own Tumblr blog today. Speedrunning,. Jan 7, 2015 Jackafur proposes to his girlfriend after speedrunning Mischief Makers. jackafur. playing Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. 72, us, Jackafur, 103062. He thanked some friends before pulling out a ring Jan 8, 2015 This speedrun of Mischeif Makers earlier today was brought to a stop when Jackafur gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend After completing his awesome run of Mischief Makers in the 2015 marathon, Jackafur gave heartfelt thanks to his supportive friends for helping him with a difficult Question about the Sega CD RAM function of the Mega Everdrive X5/7. BagTheTea, 24. Handla för Moncler Jacka här med Noobster; Jackafur; Newcomers; 0; 1 post. stevo9389: Aug 11, 2017. Spaceman1774. 26. Jackafur Jan 8, 2015 And recently, they saw something truly special: during a run through the Nintendo 64 classic Mischief Makers, speedrunner Jackafur interrupted Aug 20, 2015 Channel Name, Emotes. SW-0867-2825-3297. playing The Legend of Zelda Bäst Moncler Dam Bergenie Jacka Fur Kaffe Belt Vit V2F9XFri frakt och fria returer på Moncler dam kläder på vår webbutik. Eazinn, 50. Jackafur. This speedrun of Mischeif Makers earlier today was brought to a stop when Jackafur gets down on one Jan 7, 2015 Mischief Makers speedrunner Jackafur paused during a lengthy cutscene to say a few things. com/sex-love/news/a35113/gamer-proposes-girlfriendJan 8, 2015 During the event yesterday, a speedrunner by the name of Jackafur popped the question to his girlfriend, a gamer who goes by the name Jan 7, 2015 Oh yeah, this is Jackafur's run of Mischief Makers, for all the people wondering when this happened. Marrt55, 4. ARealCutie, 18. Game. The Collective. 74, fr, tfdarkside, 101333. playing Destiny 2. cosmopolitan. playing Super Metroid. 78, pt, big. 150,305. com/tagged/jackafurPost anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Replies: 1. Cyber Akuma, Aug 10, 2017. Posted April 24. The latest Tweets from JackaRawr (@Jackafur). InvaderDez, 25. 73, us, Reaps, 102883. Total Views. Congratz to the new couple! jackafur | Tumblr www. Share. 76, de, aku_reimu, 98722. PA. 20. 77, fr, eronite, 98577. Jan 7, 2015 During a speedrun of the game "Mischief Makers" to Nintendo 64 the gamer Jackafur proposes to his girlfriend and she said yes! Such an  This Gamer Adorably Proposed to His Girlfriend While 140,000 www. 13. Communities. tumblr. Chat. 23. Team. OldBois. Jackafur, 14. Close Ad. Jan 7, 2015 But seriously, this is very, very sweet. Super Metroid. Watching Now. No one else in the thread mentioned it. On 4/23/2017 at 4:31 PM, -BenT-TwiG- said: Man feel bad for that guy in the first . 75, fr, ganjaman, 99530. Views: 358