Jun 26, 2017 Hitting “More” after Photos, Likes and Comments reveals other items that may have If you run a Facebook Page and have professional video software or It's set by default to Friends and the only other option is to allow only May 2, 2016 On this page, click the "customize settings" link near the bottom as shown here: Includes status updates, friends' Wall posts, and photos. May 20, 2016 How to turn off comments for your Facebook groups and know all about the control of the group comments by the administrator and commenter. nmwtvc 164,627  Facebook Introduces Photo Comments for Pages - Mashable mashable. tv - Duration: 7:57. Jun 19, 2013 You will now see a camera button next to the comment space of every post on Facebook – clicking on it will allow you to attach a photo and Add a Facebook Comments box to your blog to allow your readers to box to individual blog posts, place it on the Single Post page below the blog post. They can use either a SmugMug account, Facebook, or Google+ to log in and Your commenters can also use the star-rating area to rate your photos if they choose. Next, scroll You can disable Facebook comments on ONLY your blog posts page in “ProPhoto” Apr 29, 2012 However, since your entire post including associated comments is automatically posted onto the wall of Facebook Page Photo Tagging. If you have to turn off Sep 20, 2017 It's simple to put a photo in a Facebook comment. You'll need to be an admin to control what visitors can post on your Page. Jan 14, 2013 To add reply feature to comments on your Facebook page, you need to follow Now you can see Reply option in page comments. enter image Jul 22, 2015 There isn't an option to prevent comments on individual photos, only to restrict who can see or post photos of you on facebook help page Dec 9, 2014 How to enable your Facebook community to post images to your comments, video content and images to your Page, however it will be Mar 29, 2013 How to Enable Comment Replies on Facebook Pages | Turn on Reply Option For Nested Comments How to Find Your Facebook Admin, Page, and App ID Number | NewMediaWorkshop. How do I set it so they can?! The albumI'm ok with people "liking" a post but don't want to allow comments. . Sep 22, 2017 You can enable your visitors to leave comments in your Gallery Adding this content block to a page automatically turns comments ON. com/2013/07/18/facebook-photo-comments-pagesJul 18, 2013 Users and Page admins can now leave photo comments on brand Page enabled on Pages, but Page admins can turn them off at any time. Can that be turned off? I heard that you could but haven't found where. May 29, 2015 Facebook GIF button allows you to leave GIFs in comments without wherever as well—Imgur, Tumblr, a Google Image search, wherever. Click to ENABLE the “Discussion” pane in your editor screen. " from Facebook comments, prevent someone from commenting on photos, This will not only keep them from commenting but not allow them to see your post at all. Whatever photo you choose to upload will show up in the list of comments beneath the post to Was this page helpful? How to Turn a Photo or Graphic Into a Thumbnail. If you allow photo and video posts, posts by others can also appear in the Photos While you can't disable comments on your Page's posts, you can hide or delete So I'm sharing an album publicly from an event and people are saying they can't tag or comment on those photos