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Weight of the Golden Plates. ). See also Book of Mormon; Plates. Feb 12, 2015 Some claim that since the original plates of the Book of Mormon are unavailable for scholarly inspection, it can't reasonably be studied as an Many people would be surprised to learn that gold disks or plates with carved images and writing have been found in Mesoamerica. Perhaps even more Nov 10, 2011 Mormon's son, Moroni buried the Gold Plates in the soil of Hill Cumorah, where they were found by Joseph Smith, who learned of their location Each student wrote their testimony on a "plate of gold" and we compiled it in to our own "The Book of Palm Beach & West Palm Beach Seminary"Most of their Feb 23, 2011 How did Joseph Smith translate the Golden Plates into the Book of Mormon? www. According to Latter Day Saint belief, the golden plates are the source from which Joseph Smith said he translated the Book of Mormon, a sacred text of the faith. A record written on plates of gold. Reports of "Gold Plates" Being Found Stem From a Fake - lds smile www. The replica on the right is designed to persuade members that the plates were light enoughQuestion 31. Article ID: JAF3342 | By: Bill McKeever. How could Joseph carry the golden plates around so easily, and how could the witness have "hefted" the plates Nov 27, 2010 Somewhere I had read that several of the people who claimed to have actually seen the Book of Mormon gold plates said that they were bound Sep 20, 2014 The Book of Mormon is a translation of ancient Gold Plates, which is not easily understood by our young kids. When some people interested in the Book of Mormon ask to see the golden plates, they are disappointed to learn that Joseph returned them to Moroni. Joseph Smith translated the writings on the gold Jun 17, 2014 Problems with the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon. Stories. ldsvideo. ldssmile. . org. “Plates…the kind we eat from?”. “The Book of Mormon: From Plates to Press” (September 2012 New Era) Includes interesting facts about the reception, translation, and printing of the Gold Plates. Plates made of gold upon which the ancient American prophet Mormon abridged the record of his people. Email to someone Print this page Tweet about While we know that the golden plates were taken by the angel Moroni, whatever happened to the box that Joseph Smith found them in on the Hill Cumorah?Jul 7, 2010 If you dropped the golden plates, they would have made a pretty big The Book of Mormon merely says they were made of "ore" 1 Nephi 19:1. and “The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith” in the Book of Mormon. com/2016/10/13/reports-gold-plates-found-stem-fake-news-websiteOct 13, 2016 Over the past several days there has been an article circulating by many members and non members a like of a team of archaeologists finding The LDS Church's history museum exhibit of Gold Plates replicas