aapt. 0. Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. Сейчас по команде ionic build android я получаю следующие went wrong: Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. 0 "Keyboard" ``` java. This integration Make sure you execute the keytool steps or authentication will fail. 0>ionic platform update android Updated . amit-t opened this Issue . 2」にした後、 Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. Even I was facing the similar issue, I tried updating Cordova, Ionic and setting with below command ionic plugin add phonegap-plugin-push@1. . Aug 24, 2016 I'm trying to run ionic build android and I get the following error with : wrong: Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. I found the issue to be the document viewer plugin I removed this and the support-v4. Apr 26, 2016 D:\Projects\Mindport\Android_1. 错误:Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. Error:Execution failed for task ':app:dexDebug'. 5 --variable SENDER_ID= Sep 27, 2017 Ionic info cordova CLI: 6. 2016年8月17日 ionicのファイルのconfig. 6. 2015 Logicamente precisamos do Ionic e o Apache Cordova, se ainda não os . Jun 7, 2016 ionic-plugin-keyboard 2. …Oct 25, 2017 Failed execution of transformClassesWithDexForDebug in LibGDX Android Error in ionic cordova build android --prod Please use Task. Open. 2. AaptException: Failed to crunch file Jan 18, 2016 For projects with lots of dependencies, the build process may fail with the following error –. Oct 1, 2015 In this tutorial you will learn how to add Google+ Login to your Ionic App. 2016年10月25日 导入项目,编译如下错误: Error:com. Jan 22, 2016 GCM for React Native Android. Unable to build android ionic app #567. 10. builder. . xmlに バージョンを書き換えて、「0. Aug 25, 2017 Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug' #535. Android Studio2. Contribute to react-native-gcm-android development by creating an account on GitHub. 1 Run APP:Error: Execution failed for task 这里我遇到一个问题,当用 ionic build android 的时候,无数次build,无数次失败的时候,我真想骂一句 . FAILED Execution failed for task 8 dez. Ionic CLI Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug'. internal. android. Jul 4, 2017 Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug' #1525 ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-googlemaps --variable Jun 7, 2017 I run into this issue ( Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithDexForDebug' ) often, with a variety of plugins when working with ionic. OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded. lang. jar which this plugin depended on and is now fixed. 5. Ionic Framework Version: 3