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Apr 10, 2017 Scotland's drink-drive limit, the law, getting home safely, and alternative alcohol-free nights out. Even a small amount of In Scotland, the legal alcohol limit for drivers is: 50 milligrams of Look at the UK legal drink-drive limits, and see how many units of alcohol are in your evening In Scotland, the drink-drive alcohol limit has been reduced to:. Being in charge of a vehicle whilst over the legal limit or unfit through drink As with most UK-wide legislation, the penalties and sentencing guidelines for drunk driving in Scotland mirror Mar 13, 2017 The Scottish government introduced a new drink-drive limit on 5 December 2015, bringing Scotland in line with most other European Union Jul 18, 2017 Griffiths celebrates after putting Scotland 2-1 up against England A drink-driver was more than five times the limit when she tried to drive Oct 10, 2017 THE drink drive limit could be slashed dramatically in the UK if the calls of “The benefits of the lower limit in Scotland picture will be clearer Mar 4, 2017 In 2014 Scotland lowered its drink drive limit to 50mg which resulted in from ministers that they will look at the latest evidence from Scotland. The limit The laws of driving under the influence vary between countries. But what about "the Morning After"? With the new Scottish limit, just 2 pints & an early start could see you in . . The limit will be reduced from 80mg per 100ml of blood to 50mg per 100ml. This year Mar 2, 2017 effects of lowering the drink drive limit, which indicated that the number of On 3 July 2012, powers to set the drink drive limit in Scotland were 15-02-18-drink-driving Despite a 19% fall in numbers of drivers being caught over the limit in Scotland during the festive period, Licence Bureau is advising Scottish Police say don't Drink & Drive. This guide explains what you need know and how the change The safest option is not to drink any alcohol at all if you plan to drive. The limits in Scotland are From 5th December 2014, the drink drive limit in Scotland will be different from the rest of the UK. One difference is the acceptable limit of blood alcohol content before a . Dec 5, 2014 A new law comes into force which makes the legal drink-drive limit in Scotland lower than that elsewhere in the UK. Just a reminder that Scotland changes its drink-drive limit from 5 Dec 2014. There are strict alcohol limits for drivers, but it's impossible to say exactly how many drinks this equals - it's different for each person. We Agree. Jan 10, 2017 As the Christmas stats show people are still drinking and driving despite the Scottish Government lowering the limit two years ago. The Scottish Government say they have changed their drink drive limit to bring Scotland in line with most other European countries, to save lives and make Get the facts on drink driving and the law in Scotland