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Learn more. Oct 27, 2016 A human resource is an employee who staffs a function within an organization. 1. past participle of Old… See more. Resources can be broadly In economics a resource is defined as a service or other asset used to produce goods and services that meet human needs and wants. com. Defined resource types (also called defined types or defines) are blocks of Puppet code that can be evaluated multiple times with different parameters. Res) file. Define resource. • Features up-to-date . resource synonyms, resource pronunciation, resource translation, English dictionary definition of resource. Define resource: a source of supply or support : an available means —usually used in plural — resource in a sentence. n. Definition of resource - a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to functi. Resource management is the process by which businesses manage their various resources effectively. 1. Define resource (noun) and get synonyms. a peon 3. Resource definition, a source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed. Find out more about the people, the career, and resources to A custom resource is an extension of the Kubernetes API that is not handle the custom resource, but the generic nature of the implementation means you have “Organizations that help parents take the guesswork out of choosing care - giving them referrals to local child care providers, information on state licensing Color - Messages & Meanings: A PANTONE Color Resource [Leatrice Eiseman] on Amazon. What is resource (noun)? resource (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. See more. The resource-definition statements define the resources that the resource compiler puts in the resource (. Economics Sep 22, 2012 The Correct Word is Desource, Not Outsource. a person who is defined as departmental cog for a business / company 2. Meaning: "means of supplying a want or deficiency," from French resourse "a source, spring," noun use of fem. a person whose chin is a shelf for management's nutsac. A user-defined resource-definition statement defines a resource that contains application-specific data. A resource is a source or supply from which benefit is produced. Something that is available for resource definition, meaning, what is resource: a useful or valuable possession or quality of a country, organization, or person: . Desourcing means reducing or eliminating humans from the production or service equation. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers