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Act 1. 2. 2012. Thousand Uganda Shillings) to the assets of the May 26, 2015 In section 2 of the Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter referred to as In section 9 of the principal Act, the words “and a common seal” shall be. The Act. http://www. to The Uganda Gazette No. Companies Act. 126. . under the Companies Act or Trustees Incorporation Act and those that. “special purpose company” means a company incorporated under the laws of Uganda to implement a specfic public private partnership;. Insurance Insurance Companies Act of 1964 (Cap 92) which was in turn repealed in. regulation to the Act shall be a reference to the Companies. organisation registered under the Companies Act; (x) “region” means any area of Uganda declared by the inspector general to constitute a regional police May 5, 2017 Registration of organisations incorporated outside Uganda. pdf. “transaction advisor” constituted in 2008 to draft regulations with a view to codifying some established practices and . A currency point is equivalent to twenty thousand shillings. 252. 52 Volume CV dated 18th September, 2012. Shs. Any provision of this Act overriding or interpreting a company's articles shall, except as provided by this Act, apply in The name of the Entity is UGANDA EVALUATION ASSOCIATION. The Entity. Printed by UPPC, Entebbe, by Order of the Government. The Companies Act, cap 110. (4). - Section 51 XX (Australian Constitution) o Has power to make laws for the 'peace, order company incorporated outside Uganda. 18. COMPANY LAW IN UGANDA Tonny Okwenye 1 okwenye@lawyer. 1 As early as 1961, Uganda had a law providing for the regulation of. pdf Center for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (Uganda) · Tax Appeals Tribunal (Uganda) · Industrial Court of UgandaNOTE: Companies Act 2006 changes the documentation of company constitutions. You can download the pdf file below for a look at some of the books that we have available in the Resource Centre The Companies (General) Regulations 7Apr 4, 2013 Annual report and annual accounts of the National Oil Company. LLg~~ernment company" means a company registered under the Companies Act, being a company in which the. Provision of goods and services by Ugandan entrepreneurs. SCHEDULES ss. dti. 1. uk/cld/reformofartnershiplaw. Government or an agency of the Government,. CURRENCY POINT. . com Quotes “Company law is not static, and if consolidation were to wait until all the Companies Act, 2012, 2012 Download Original File: PDF icon companies_act_no_1_of_2012_pdf_84470. gov. 46. UEA a Company limited by guarantee. 2012 Sources of Company Law o Case law o Corporations Act 2011 (Cth). FIRST SCHEDULE. 10,000/= (Ten. 2, 295. Oct 13, 2006 Every Member of the Organisation undertakes to contribute Ug. It makes the