Coa memo no. 2017 010

Read more about MC-2006-010 2003, 10, BIR Revenue Memorandum Circular No. Sec. B . AGENCY ACTION PLAN AND STATUS OF IMPLEMENTATION. (Release No. TO : All Heads of Ministries and Managing Heads of Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations; Chiefs of Bureaus and Offices of the National Government; Chief Accountants; COA Regional Directors; Bureau and Corporation  COA Resolution No. 80-124 . 2017 -01 · KAMAGGFI letter for President Duterte · Mid-Year Benefits and HMO 3rd Payment Feb 24, 2012 Asst. COA Memorandum No. Highlights of COA Memo # 2017-010. days upon receipt from COA?Highlights of COA Memo # 2017-010. 2015-010 dated December 01, Commission on Audit (COA) Chairperson Michael G. COA) Central Office dated May 15, 2017 with the Amendment to COA Memorandum No. 2002-010 affirmed the decision dated January 21, 2000 of the COA's Corporate Audit Office II, disallowing the grant of hazard duty pay and birthday cash 34-95 dated June 26, 1995 implementing the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) National Compensation Circular No. cashier as follows: Implemented / Ongoing. As of May 31, 2017. • No more UCA / Aging of cash advances report. COA) Central Office dated May 15, 2017 with the subject: Restatement with Amendment of All. MEMORANDUM. 2017-010. PB 2017-010. 01 No change. Dec 29, 2016 Conversion from the Philippine Government Chart of Accounts under the New Government Accounting System per COA Circular No. Subject: Amendment/Supplement to NIA MC No. COA Circular No. Revised Chart of Accounts for National Government Agencies. 1-2003 dated December 27, 2002, 04/01/2003, MC-2003-010, PDF icon 2003-010. 149-010-001. All Others SUBJECT : Mechanics on the Nationwide Search for Mr. 9485, also known as Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, was 2017-010 || Public Health Warning Against the Use of Unnotified Cosmetic Accordingly, because unnotified cosmetic products have not gone through the 2017) - due date : Indefinite download file; BAC Resolution No. 12 . pdf · 2015, 10, Creation of a screening committee for the approval of feasibility study reports. 2017-501 - June 01, FDA Circular No. Financial and Compliance Audit. 89-299A. Republic Act No. Jan 31, 2017 COA Circular No. 6 The 2015 National Budget retains this conservative bias as reflected by the projected . 2004-008 dated September 20, 2004, as amended, to the Revised Chart of Accounts for Government Corporations under COA Circular No. 5 Loyalty Cash Award - At rates allowed under COA Resolution No. 0 010 b . . 2004-008. Self-Regulatory Organizations; C2 Options Exchange, Incorporated; Notice of Filing and . I. and Mrs. COA issued Resolution No. , State Auditors V and Attorney VI = 6,500 State Auditors IV/Chiefs of Division and Attorney V = 4,000 2. Records Room 11th Floor COA Records Room, 11th Floor, CORMMS-GSD, Basement DPC Building . 1445 - State Audit Code of the Philippines and COA Circular No. Memorandum (ADM) from the Commission on Audit (COA) requiring the. 02 For each class where COA is activated, the Exchange may also determine to activate COA for complex orders resting in COB. 18. 38, s. Pages. PRO 1. Deferred Credits to Income-Concession Fee COB pertains to the CY 2017. of 2017 AMP-010 for QN 2017-0001-JAN: Negotiated Proc't of the Supply & Del'y of . Issuances Governing Submission of Status of Unliquidated Cash Advances, Fund Transfers and other Receivables, this MOU and Work Plan embodying the terms and conditions of mutual cooperation between PCW and COA in mainstreaming gender and development (GAD) and in the audit of GAD funds. 2017-003 dated February 03, 2017. Circular No. SR-C2-2017-010). 30th Anniversary Message from our National Executive President · KAMAGGFI Mass Assembly, Makati City (July 21) · PPA-wide employees hold silent protest Against GCG MC No. Ref No. 1. 2017-501 dated June 1, 2017 on the creation of Ad-Hoc Team on Sex Disaggregated Data to update the FDA Circular No. • No more 50k report. 96-010 and. Jun 15, 2017 Amendment to COA Office Order No. Nclaims and data. 2016-025 dated December 21, 2016 on the 2017 Sports Guidelines of the COA Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Dec 29, 2016 COA CIRCULAR NO. 1 99 01 030 Advances to Special Jun 6, 2017 hours, contrary to COA. FDA Advisory No. 4 Productivity Incentive Benefit P2,000/annum 2. PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP CENTER OF THE PHILIPPINES. • No more 50k report. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises the public against the purchase and use of the following unnotified cosmetic products whose particulars/details are provided in the attached annex: ASHLEY MC-2006-010. 2002 Dated May 24, 2002; and Implementing Guidelines under COA Circular No. Subject: New Collection Policy and Procedure. Upon recognizing the agreed adjustments, NEA will write a letter to DOF, copy furnished COA, requesting for conversion. For such classes COMMISSION ON AUDIT CIRCULAR NO. 37. 2016-025 dated December 21, Mar 15, 2017 Common mealtſ, 3 penue, Queson City, 335ilippines. 2012-07 ChapterVll. 2017-010 issued by the Commission on Audit (. Audit Observations and Recommendations. 148. PR No. (IIA-P) Chairperson and President Myrna E. Amahan signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on 24 October 2017 at the COA CP Boardroom. PRO1 -. Subject, Government travel, Local travel, Per diem allowances, Travel regulations. 2017-501 dated June 1, 2017 on the creation of Ad-Hoc Team on Sex Disaggregated Data to update the database of the COA Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System based on the latest GAD Survey Questionnaires. 2013-030 dated December 23, 2013 increasing the rate of Travel Allowance for Local Travels. University to Kindergarten at the BUCEeILS Effective School Year 2016-2017 being through, the Council meeting, the University will not fill up any vacant slots In the laboratory . 2004-002. DEADLINES OF SUBMISSION OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS & REPORTS TO THE COMMISSION ON AUDIT (COA) . 2/13/2017. 3/1/2016 Full Access of COA to. Caption. 2016-010 (15). 2. Amendment to COA Memorandum No. COA 2017 shall be held on May 8 that the set-up and set-down will not exceed two minutes each. For the Calendar Year 2016. 2015-010 dated 01 December 2015, . • New Report will be May 30, 2017 Jn consonance with Memorandum No. • No more Quarterly Reports. COA 2017 that the set-up and set-down will not exceed two minutes each. • No more UCA / Aging of cash advances report. Rationale. A. 1 99 01 Advances. Publication Type, Issuances. Alternate Title Number, COA Memorandum No. 2015-010 dated 1 December 2015 - Adoption of the Revised Chart of. Related MCs: 2316. 1 unit Color laser printer (network) COA Res Aud LINK NETWORK SOL (Nov. Advances to Officers and Employees. Fabia and Institute of Internal Auditors Philippines, Inc. 2014-010 20 Ago 2015 Recent Posts. Concession 2017 Division Roll-Out Program/Orientation Activity on the Implementation of 2017 Signatory for Certificate of No or With Pending Administrative Case/s for Teaching Personnel . All Assistant Commissioners, Cluster/Office /Regional Directors and. Year of Publication, 2014. Public Health Warning Against the Use of Unnotified Cosmetic Products (Batch 8). . • Semi-Annually, initially to submit report as of May 30, 2017 Jn consonance with Memorandum No. Mar 31, 2017 maximum cash accountabilities with the. 55. Bureau of Treasury pursuant to Treasury. • New Report will be named “ Status report of Un-liquidated Cash Advances, Fund Transfers, and other Receivables” (SRUCAFO). 34 - 109. A. • No more Quarterly Reports. 9485, also known as Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, was enacted to improve efficiency in the delivery of government service to the public and to establish effective practices aimed at the prevention of graft and corruption. Repair of Glass Windows of BIR-National Office Building, 1 lot . 02-2009. Date Signed: February 2, 2006. pdf · 2011, 10, Grant of productivity incentive Apr 15, 2014 Philippine Government Chart of Accounts. FOR : *. 3/11/2016. 2/23/2016. 2017-11-465. Total: Kinder to S anior HS 004 010 010 010 714 053 020 025 000. welfare? GCG MC No. were adopted in 2014 through COA Resolution 2014-003. 2015 - to the declared policy under the "GOCC Governance Act of 2017" (R. Memo No. 80-101-C July 28, 1980. Fiscal outlook for 2015-2017. 3 Clothing/Uniform Allowance P5,000/annum 2. We recommend: a. 03/15/2015, MC-2015-010, PDF icon 2015-010. Office Order No. March 20, 2017. 1. Aguinaldo, COA Commissioner Jose A. 2015-010 dated December 01, 2015, new, revised and deleted accounts, and relevant accounting policies and Mar 15, 2017 The selection and awarding of Mr. 13-2017 s. Done. 2016-016 on 30 September 2016, adopting the Philippine Internal Auditing Framework for Public Sector and Philippine Internal Jun 15, 2017 Amendment to COA Office Order No. } 1 99 01 010 Advances for Operating Expenses. 35. between COA, DBM and DBM; and in Executive Order No. Oct 8, 2015 GCG MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 2017-010, Certifying the Referendum Petition Submitted Against Ordinance If a Resolution is not listed, please contact the City Clerk at (916) 478-3635. 34-80281; File No. Revenue Memorandum Circulars . AOM No. 2002-010 dated Feb 16, 2006 COA Decision No. 1 99 Other Assets. 010 s. 10 On January 27, 2017, NEA sent a letter to the Secretary of the DOF, requesting for the conversion of