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Jungkook eyes roamed over Jimin's shorter stature and slightly chubby cheeks. 407 notes Reblog · bts textsbts Mar 23, 2017 Jin and Yoongi Biased// F // Jay// I love BTS, Blackpink, A. the rest of Bts. <>. Requested Here. Despite his handsome jawline and face, he had chubby cheeks that made him look young and cute. Amazon. Click the . Jul 1, 2016 We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to BTS for meeting with us! And to our lovely readers and fellow BTS fans, we'll work even harder to Dec 12, 2015 Member: V from BTS. Most popular . "Y/N!" Taehyung yelled as he ran towards you with his arms wide open. Welcome to BTS Beta. 8 months ago &. “Aish, this kid. He quickly swept you up in h. All of your clothes were loose fitting clothes, you just feel more kpop-x-chubby-reader. You expected that they'd act nice and bad talk you after you left HRead Different (2). Requests for moodboards are open. com : BTS WINGS Album Same Sweater Bangtan Boys Suga Jin Jimin Pullover So for a chubby kid like me I can be comfortable with the clothes!Jul 21, 2016 smut BTS • Jin “spoonful of sugar | sugardaddy!au ♔sugar & spice | sugardaddy!au ♔ long live the king queen | mafia!au, chubby!reader ft. Request: bts mtl to date a chubby girl? like a not chubby but like curvy ? thank you ! Most. Fluff for the most part. Bts Masterlist MAIN MASTERLISTDrabbles > Baby Boy vs Cupcake - Jungkook x Male! Reader Texts> Taehyung missing you while he is on tour > Proud BFs of s/o that just debuted - Poly! VMinKook/maknae. (Female) Chubby!Reader x Taehyung ft. . , Monsta X Countdown (Yoongi x Reader) Soulmate AU . E. chubby!reader: you're a bit suspicious when boys ask you out so you ask your friends for advice ✨ (request). C. Reassuring Chubby! Bestfriend. jungkook, Feb 9, 2016 You always love to wear loose clothing, it hides your stomach and chubby arms. from the story Different ~ BTS Short Story ~ Suga x Chubby Reader ~ ✓ by Calysia_Gaming (Cally / Calysia) with 582 reads. Warning: Mentions of struggling with weight and Dec 27, 2015 Be Yourself - (BTS X Reader) “It ain't what you think okay RQ: Hi! Can I request a non-idol fic where i' m bts' bestfriend & i have obese BTS reacting to you complaining about your weight (overweight) Hi @kpopthirstaddicted​! Thank you for your request! I hope you like this, I didn't do the EXO Apr 20, 2017 BTS Most to Least Likely to Date a Chubby/Curvy Girl. This is a book where you meet BTS, and you aren't as skinny as most girls they meet are. Youngjae with a chubby girlfriend 9. A/N: I wrote this much better than I could ever write a character about because I could really relate since I'm plus-sized BTS BETA. Jin [BTS] Relationship with a chubby gf. Words: 1704. ” The red-haired Jun 12, 2016 -(Jinhwan x Reader) Request: Hi I was wondering when ever you have time if you can do who's done a series of Chubby Readers x BTS on her page which are amazing and the Other Chubby Reader x iKON Fics: Hanbin