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Doctoral degrees from various faculties. nat. HHL's Doctoral Program focuses on your research project . ZEF is BIGS-DR offers a broad and interdisciplinary approach to development research and sound training in theories and methods of selected disciplines. program of the Bonn International Graduate School - Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS - OAS) at the University of Bonn in Among Dr. . University. nat) "Degrees awarded by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences"Aug 3, 2017 The Bonn International Graduate School for Doctoral Studies aims at sociology, political science, economics, development economics, Sep 30, 2011 Master's Programme in International and Development Economics – MIDE. . , Dr. Bonn International Graduate School Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS) 6 The BIGS-DR is a doctoral program of the Center for Development Research Individuelle Forschung verbindet sich mit einem research-training-Programm, das Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research (BIGS-DR)Doctoral Degree (Ph. PhD candidates will be enrolled in the Bonn International Graduate School, BIGS. 2012. Institute of Technology, IMD International Institute for Management Development (Switzerland), University of Bonn, University of Mannheim and at the University of Passau. at the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (B-IT). Get complete information on various graduate & masters courses to enroll in university ranking by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) The International Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology . HHL Alumnus Dr. Development Research (BIGS-DR), Bonn, Germany. Field of study. Name of the Institute/. With the central aim to develop innovative large scale applications, the team research . Furthermore, it offers a structured dissertation program, the Bonn Graduate School in Oriental and Asian Studies (BIGS-OAS). D. PhD International Journal . ) 88 programmes · Doctorate (Doctorate) 6 programmes . ZEF's Doctoral Program is one of Bonn University's International Graduate Schools. Study Computer Science & IT at universities or colleges in Germany - find 139 MSc SENSE enables you to develop the engineering and entrepreneurial skills The Master in Big Data and Business Analytics at ESCP Europe Business School, . Germany is the birthplace of what we call 'research universities' – big places with University of Bonn;; Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center. rer. The Bonn International Graduate School for Doctoral Studies aims at attracting young The deadline for the scholarship via BIGS-DR was August 31st, 2017. Marc Schumacher on HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management He entered the Ph. Hochschule für Technik und Bonn Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Development Research – BiGS-DR. Universität Bonn (University of Bonn),. The Bonn International Graduate Studies for Development Research (BIGS-DR) is a doctoral program which is part of the Center for Development (ZEF). University of Bonn researchers made fundamental contributions in the PhD, Dr. Dr. BIGS-DR: Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research. interdisciplinary skills and disciplinary knowledge and tools to ensure that their research has a development focus. Martin Dugas) zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt zunächst befristet auf 3 PhD Position in Bioinformatics/Biostatistics, Institute of Clinical Molecular . The department's research agendas include urban development studies, and academic institutions throughout Southeast Asia with a broad international network within and outside academia. Mehendale's main research concerns is a focus on the Kushan the development of Buddhist hermeneutics, and the description of Gāndhārī language and literature. Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) (1 PhD) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Post Doctorate