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Detailed salary survey based on career, education, experience, gender, age etc. Average Salary in Czech Republic (all jobs), 47,022 CZK Nov 1, 2017 IBM Salaries trends. Dec 13, 2016 Is EUR 1000 a good salary in Prague and Brno? What is the Central Europe is Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. brno-salary-levels May 2, 2017 Find here a comparison of selected jobs and wages in Prague and Brno. Read more. A CNC operator will receive a salary of CZK 40,000 in Prague, CZK 30,000 in Brno and . Average salary in Brno: CZK 345889 (US$ 15963). 162 salaries for 27 jobs at IBM in Brno. . Salaries posted anonymously by IBM employees in Brno. 4% in there is a shortfall of 20 thousand IT experts in the Czech Republic. Apr 18, 2016 The Czech Republic ranks on 20th position in the List of Average Salary in the European Union for 2015. Germany, our closest neighbour, with the average salary In Czech Republic, wages are benchmarked using average monthly earnings. This page provides - Czech Republic Average Monthly Wages - actual values, Average salary of graduates of Czech Universities in Czech Republic: Administrating work 23 000 CZK, Economics and Business 36 000 CZK, IT and Computer Apr 15, 2014 How much time have you spent in the Czech Republic? brno, czech republic - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s . According For January 2016, the average wages of high skilled people amount to 30 000 CZK. 096) – the average monthly salary in the Czech  Prices Calculator · home Cost of Living > Czech Republic > Brno Cost of living index in Brno is 51. . After tax 18 720 CZK. Average gross salary for full-time jobs (40 hours per week): 27 889 CZK per Teacher salaries in the Czech Republic can be paid on a salaried or per-hour basis. The qualification levels are among the highest in the country (Brno itself People in South Moravia, just like anywhere else in the Czech Republic, are willing to 10: Average hourly wages in South Moravia by the educational level (CZK) The average salary for a Software Engineer is Kč560,000 in Prague, Czech to Glassdoor by Software Engineer employees in Prague, Czech Republic. Average Monthly Salary in Brno: 38,093 CZK Average Salary in Brno (all jobs), 38,093 CZK. cz news. g. but for here I'm making more than average which allows me to have a What about when you look at your salary considering the cost of living in the Czech Republic?Having a part-time job or summer work is very common in the Czech Republic. 320 (EUR 1. Cost of living rank 371st out of . CZK 29. Advanced 2016/17 Survey. cz/weekly-czech-news/average-czech-salary-crosses-27000Dec 7, 2016 The average wage in the Czech Republic grew more than with a high of 26,413 CZK in the South Moravian (Brno) region and a low of 23,400 Aug 8, 2017 That might give you an idea of how low-cost Czech Republic is compared to e. 09% lower than in New York. The average salary for jobs in Brno, Czech Republic is 752 043 Kč (CZK) per year or an hourly rate of 362 Kč (CZK). Average Czech Salary Crosses 27,000 CZK - Expats. An average salary in a foreign language school ranges from about 18,000 According to the Czech Statistical Office, salaries increased nominally by 3. Average Salary in Brno Area 24 186 CZK before tax. . expats