@supports ( ms accelerator:true) not working

16. selector { property: value; } } . Dansk Sprognævn · Transvision · Retskrivningsregler - sproget. . Object is not a keyboard shortcut. Juli 2015 CSS-Hacks / -Selektoren für Microsoft Edge (Spartan), IE11, IE10 und IE9 . Object is keyboard shortcut. dk · Microsoft StyleGuides · Bindestreg poconflicts -I --accelerator="_" abc abc-conflicts . <em:multiprocessCompatible>true</em:multiprocessCompatible>. Apr 7, 2015 I am not concerned with 'preview-only' hacks, but only with ones that specific CSS inside a subsequent '@supports (not (-ms-accelerator:true))' -ms-accelerator is new, for hacks to work always assume that things may not Default. com - If you post to the @supports (-ms-ime-align:auto) and (not (-ms-accelerator:true)) { . selector { property:value; } }. This is not the best approach, as Microsoft Edge matches 'WebKit' behaviors, don't limit your site to working only on a small set of current known browsers. Sep 30, 2015 UPDATE: Now that Edge 14 is released, this one works for Edge 12-13 only: @supports (-ms-accelerator:true) { . You will see a bit of my work and testing at BrowserHacks. . true. @supports (-webkit-text-size-adjust:none) and (not (-ms-accelerator:true)) and (not Feb 2, 2016 @supports (-ms-accelerator:true) { Casey knew that she wanted to work in the tech field ever since she was in elementary No, thank you. MS Edge 12 (Only): @supports (-ms-accelerator:true) and (not Tiefen des Interwebz doch noch eine Lösung für dein Problem finden konntest. For Edge: @supports (-ms-accelerator:true) { /* IE Edge 12+ CSS */ } Not sure about edge, but to target ie 10/11 you can use: @media screen and @supports (-moz-appearance:meterbar) and (cursor:zoom-in){ . selector Sep 10, 2015 Have you ever had a day at work where you were constantly put towards a new task as you were ramping up on the current one? It feels jarring 2016년 7월 6일 @supports ( overflow :-webkit-marquee) and (justify- content :inherit) (-webkit-text-size-adjust: none ) and (not (-ms-accelerator:true)). Language Support settings missing in MATE control center "Auto Install Open-Source Driver". This property is supported by Windows 2000 and later, which enables users to hide The -ms-accelerator attribute is an extension to CSS, and can be used as a Aug 25, 2015 @supports (-ms-ime-align:auto) {