The New York Mets

Yankees fans beware: ‘we got here and we lost,’ is a much larger accolade than winning the World Series for a lifetime Mets fan.

The Mets just won, bringing us to 3-0 over the Cubs in the NLCS. There is a chance we may lose. A comeback from a 3-0 deficit is rare but not unheard-of. It is magical, however. The Mets dared greatly. Sun Tzu be damned, there was no league-leading payroll. The New York Times hasn’t ever assumed the Mets were obviously going to win. This is a lead, against all odds.

I don’t have any other team’s logo on any of the clothing in my wardrobe. I trek miles to a bar to watch my game, out of my element. Tonight, I had to sweet-talk a bartender into turning on the game audio; “at least until the karaoke starts,” I asked. It’s worth it, and then some.

It’s a difficult win. The last time the Cubs participated in the World Series was 1945. These United States of America had just convinced two former superpowers to sign peace accords, only after substantial loss of life. Neither of my parents — neither of whom are alive anymore — had been born yet. Germany was one country and there was no wall separating one half of Berlin from the other. Mutually assured destruction wasn’t something that the world considered. The Mets didn’t even exist as a team. Cubs fans deserve a good year, but this just isn’t it. This is another Mets year.

We may lose to Kansas City (sorry, Toronto, you don’t really stand a fighting chance). We are still endlessly proud of our boys in blue and orange, whatever the outcome. This is fantastic.


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