Why it’s bad to have a cat

I love the little furry guy. He’s my buddy and he makes sure that his presence is known. I got Max when he was a wee kitten and he’s taken on my personality to a large degree. This is probably like what some people talk about when they go on about how great it is to have kids. Max won’t be driving or dating anytime soon though.

  1. How come so many people are allergic to cats? Granted, this is coming from someone who has no known allergies to anything and isn’t really bothered much by Austin pollen despite being a smoker.
  2. There is that occasional time when I don’t want a ball of fur scrunched up against me while I’m working on the couch. He’s good at picking up on feelings. Not that one.
  3. While I adore that he’s like me, I’m persistent and, some may say, needy. The cutest thing in the world pawing at you because he wants a rub behind the ears isn’t timely, sometimes.
  4. Fur. Everywhere. If you have one — and Max is a short hair — you understand why it’s necessary to empty the vacuum canister twice per trip around the living room.
  5. There are some people who think I’m less of a man for having a cat and not a dog. Dunno, it just happened that way. I like dogs but I have a cat. If that’s not good enough for you, tough luck.