Project MOLLE

This project is a systematic approach to designing better daily use gear using the MOLLE attachment system.

I’ve had a MOLLE-compatible harness for my bug-out gear for a long time. Preferences like color and coverage aside, I realized that there are very limited options for MOLLE gear in general. In order to overcome some of what I perceived as those shortcomings, I learned how to build my own gear. Hopefully, some of the experiences that I’ve worked through on my own will help someone else.

Here are some of the problems that I find with existing MOLLE gear:

  • There is a limited set of designs that are available for wearable mounting points. If you want a backpack or an over-the-head vest (plate carrier), you’ve got a lot of options. As you get more specific, such as size or total available attachable space, your options become fewer.
  • I understand that MOLLE was designed for military use but it doesn’t seem to have been picked up for non-military use yet. It’s versatile and highly functional. We should be using it more often for more things. The consequence of that is that you can find lots of different options to hold M4 magazines but there are relatively few for holding things like mobile phones and car keys.
  • Color, color, color. Once again, MOLLE was designed for military use so gear is available in standard military colors like tan and green. What if I want a bag in bright red or royal blue, not because I get shot at on a daily basis but because it’s a versatile system for attaching stuff to bags and such?
  • A great deal of the available gear that comes at reasonable prices is made overseas. I prefer to buy American when it’s a reasonable option.

So with that said, take a look at the list of articles available on this site:

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