Other Resources

I started this project a long time ago with recurring flare-ups of interest. My friends, being the good friends they are, asked me who else is doing the same thing. After all, if I’m not doing anything that’s different from someone else, why not let them do a better job. I also believe that I improve only through good healthy competition. So, here are other sources that have similar ideas.

Downrange Gear makes a limited selection of (as best I can tell) extremely useful tactical gear widgets. It seems to me that someone used a whole lot of gear for a long time in the real world, then figured out what those missing little things are that turn good into awesome. Perhaps not the most advanced website on the Internet and sales seem to be calculatedly limited, but neither of those things detract from the importance of what’s on the site.

Mil-spec Monkey┬áhas an interesting collection of gear for sale. I have yet to figure out a pattern other than, “everything is cool,” which alone is probably more than a good enough pattern. This site is very first-person and informative, much like the site you’re reading right now.